The Spiritual Development Ministries at Maple Shade Congregational Church of The United Church of Christ seek to offer people opportunities for prayer and meditation, as well as offer instruction and counseling for developing and investigating the richness of the spiritual life.
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at the church is patterned on a design found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. Drawn by several members of the church, the Labyrinth is open for use by members and the general public by appointment. Materials to assist with meditation and contemplation are available. Our Lay Leader, is also there for instruction and assistance and discussion. The Prayer Labyrinth is portable so it can be taken to other locations for instruction and use or a group may make an appointment for its use. For more background and information about the Prayer Labyrinth or to request use of it outside the Church, please call the church office a (856) 779-7739 or e-mail the church office at
The Prayer Labyrinth
is a weekly insert in the Sunday worship bulletin that lists names of those for whom special prayers are requested. This listing is created by the requests of friends and members of the congregation and is up-dated weekly. Birthdays and anniversaries are also included on the Lay Ministries List.
The Lay Ministries List
is a group who have committed themselves to a regular schedule of prayer for their church, their community, and one another. Each PrayerPartner is given the name of another PrayerPartner for whom to intentionally pray on a daily basis. Partners do not know who is praying for them though all are assured that a PrayerPartner is offering prayers on their behalf. In addition, PrayerPartners are informed of church family matters that are in need of intercessory prayer.
As with all programs at the church, these are open to any and all.
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And please note that the Prayer Labyrinth is open by appointment.
Please contact the church office at (856) 779-7739.
Chartes Labyrinth Model
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