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If the next generation is going to take its place in history and provide moral and ethical leadership and continue the Christian faith community, the teaching and development of such values needs to begin now. It is the mission of the church to provide such education and Maple Shade United Church of Christ accepts that mission with enthusiasm and dedication.
Church School begins its morning at 10:00 am in the sanctuary. All the grades participate in the beginning of worship, then leave to attend classes while worship continues. A special church school bulletin, reflecting the lectionary reading for that week, is available for all with enough activities for the week ahead.
    All students are encouraged to participate in worship by serving as acolytes and as worship leaders. During the morning homily they are invited to interrupt the planned homily to ask questions about anything that concerns or puzzles them. Lessons for each Sunday reflect the Scripture readings that are part of Sunday morning worship. Each lesson is age appropriate. The curriculum is Seasons of The Spirit. The lectionary-based curriculum explores the meaning and the mystery in the Bible, and is a wonderful resource for the whole congregation. In addition to Sunday activities, the church school takes on special projects as well.
meets weekly and engages in all sorts of creative worship and mission activity. Discussions are lively and directed towards daily living as teenagers. This class has an annual Super Hoagie sale on Super Bowl Sunday, making over 50 hoagies for sale to the congregation. We currently have fundraising brunches to gather the congregation in fellowship. We have our annual Mardi Gras Brunch in February and started a Fall Festival for Brunch in October. Our youth participates by cooking and preparing meals for the Mardi Gras Brunch. The spiritual history behind All Saints Day and Mardi Gras is discussed. Profits go to support mission programs and church school curriculum.
is designed to prepare 7th through 12th graders for membership in the church. This course takes an in-depth look at the history, tradition, polity, and roles of members in the congregation. Students are required to create a statement of faith essay on why they wish to join the church. Students use a study journal from the United Church Press called "Affirming Faith." The pastor and church mentor usually lead the class. Class time usually runs 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Students generally join the church on the first Sunday of June after being accepted as candidates by the Board of Deacons.
Our youth leaders participate at regional conference settings
meet on Wednesdays (second Wednesday excluded) at 11:00 am, and on the first, third, and fifth Sundays after worship at 11:30. These are lectionary based classes using "Seasons of The Spirit" curriculum. The format lends itself to both regular and drop-in participants.
The Nursery
Elementary Class
7-12 Grade Class
Confirmation class
Adult Education Classes
is open to all infants and toddlers. Adult volunteers oversee the welfare and the safety of the children as well as tell stories and teach songs. Occasionally, age-appropriate crafts are offered to those wishing to create something for home and hear stories behind the craft.
is a group of multiage children from ages 5 -12. We currently are using the "Seasons of The Spirit" curriculum. This class explores what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. The children become more involved in discussions about the meaning of the scripture readings used in the worship service and in ways those passages can be used for daily living.
The First Faith Class
is for the 4-6 year old group. This class introduces the children to the bible stories and children's bible songs. The class allows the children to learn and ask questions. An age-approprate craft is included with each lesson.
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