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             Greetings and welcome to the Maple Shade Congregational Church of the United Church of Christ. We are an enthusiastic and energetic congregation of 120 adults and 20 children located in Southern New Jersey in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We come from varied church backgrounds and denominational experiences and from all sorts of places and conditions of life. We are young and old, residents and out-of-towners, singles and couples and families.
We are a Christian community committed to community life, personal growth, and spiritual transformation. We see ourselves as a people on a journey of growth and discovery, so we look and listen and share together the many ways in which we see God at work in our midst. We work together, worship together, and care together, and everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, from long-time member to visitor, has a place at the table and are invited to be as involved as they wish as part of the work of the church.
We pride ourselves in our long tradition of faithful service, community involvement, offering support and care for those hurting or sorrowing, and creating and implementing programs of mission to those in need and those excluded from the mainstream of society. We are a small church with big dreams and a history of participation in ecumenical and national organizations. At present church members sit as members of local, state, regional, and national committees of the denomination.
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Updated September, 2017
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