Each Sunday the congregation gathers for worship at 10:00 am. Children and adults gather in the sanctuary to pray, sing, and worship together. A theme that arises from the lectionary reading for the day pulls together the hymns, the responsive readings, the children's homily, the sermon, the prayers, and the offering into a communal celebration of God's grace. Except on special days of celebration, children leave the service after the homily to attend church school.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is celebrated as part of on the first Sunday of each month. While some members have personal theologies and understandings of the Sacrament, the tradition of the Maple Shade congregation holds to the "Reformed theological understanding" of the Sacrament as Christ's presence in the bread and the cup and the community. As the service indicates: "all who seek Christ are welcome to the table", so membership is not a requirement to receive the sacrament. It is the tradition of the congregation that children not receive until they have been confirmed into church membership. However, because some of our members come from denominations and backgrounds which allow children to receive the Sacrament or because some parents may deem their children ready to take the Sacrament, we maintain an open table.
The Sacrament of Baptism is also celebrated during Sunday worship, recognizing that the one being baptized is being baptized into the church community and therefore it is most appropriate that the church community gather for this sacrament. The sacrament can be received by adults, children, and infants, and is generally scheduled on the third Sunday of each month.

Other special days and events are also included in the order of worship as they occur.
Join us for worship. We think you will be pleased and fulfilled.
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